Sep 02, 2020in

The Data Analysis Journey

Data is a broad term.

“Working with data” is even broader. Here we outline what it means to learn data along with the recommended path to continue on your data journey.

The goal is to have anyone be able to identify where they are, see the next step, and find resources to continue down that path. This will be a living document so check back for changes.

For every step in the journey, we will recommend a learning resource. The hard part isn’t knowing the next step, or even finding material. The hard part will be your motivation to keep going.

Data Track

Data as a whole is an umbrella term for a lot of different skill sets: Visualization, Data Engineering, Analysis, Data Science, and Strategy.

Before you start, take an inventory of your skills and see where you land today. Rather than grading yourself by what you know, grade yourself by what you can do.